Opportunities with Securitas

Security and protection are always going to be essential within the UK’s current climate.

We have recently had the pleasure of engaging in conversation with Dan Leaney who is the south-central and south-east branch manager for Securitas.

“In the midst of a recession, security will always be needed”
– Dan Leaney (Securitas Branch Manager).


Securitas is an international security protective service company and they are the second largest security company in the UK under G4S, however, they are the largest security only provider in the UK.

Securitas have expanded in the last five to ten years, providing Specialist Protective Services (SPS) in man guarding, retail security, remote security, security technology and fire cover. The most recent focus has been concentrated on providing public safety and profit protection for high brand retail customers such as Marks & Spencer’s.

Dan Leaney has proposed a number of employment opportunities exclusively to the veterans of ‘Soldier to Civi’. This consists of a specialist protective service which engages in a range of roles including the Emergency Fire Crew Capability (EFCC).

“I’m really passionate about the EFCC and the Specialist Services that Securitas provide, which is why I want veterans to join our team”.

The EFCC was formed to assist London Fire Brigade in times of crises.

“We need to provide London Fire Brigade with five hundred fully trained operatives within seven days of the fire brigade going on strike and within twenty-four hours of a national emergency”.

Securitas aim to provide a Specialist Protective Service with firefighting capabilities.


You will receive training and comfortable rates of pay.

[Point to note] The EFCC does not require you to hold an SIA license.

The Training

You will initially attend a two-week training course in Gloucestershire where you will be taught to conduct basic hose work, pump work, ladder drills and you will also be taught how to use breathing apparatus.

You will then be required to pass the same basic training tests as the fire brigade.

Course general details

  • Fourteen days.
  • Ten to eleven hour days.
  • Paid twelve hours a day.
  • Three meals a day.
  • Individual accommodation provided.

“It is a very intense course which requires discipline and hard graft but you do come away adequately trained to deploy”.

Once you have completed the intense two-week course, you will need to attend a one-week refresher course every year.

Securitas do ask employees to commit for a minimum of five years although there is no contractual agreement.

Dan Leaney’s vision is to build a strong and capable ad-hoc team that are capable of working across the board of SPS and EFCC by investing in the individuals.

We will be holding a Securitas recruitment brief in Portsmouth, during the first week of July. The recruitment brief location, date and timings are to be confirmed based on the interested expressed by you, the veterans.


2 thoughts on “Opportunities with Securitas

  1. This is something i am really interested in and look forward to getting down in july. I have my Door supervisors SIA and covered Op Fresco in 2003. weather or not i9m capable now is a different matter haha but 100% want more info.

    Liked by 1 person

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