Armed Forces Day

It is on this day that we the people of Britain unite to support the courageous men and woman of our Armed Forces. This day is Armed Forces Day.

Politics within the UK have recently been so intense with a mosh-pit of venomous media which has led to a national state of uncertainty and a clear divide between the people of Britain. Nonetheless, I believe that today of all days, we should put politics behind us and unite in order to show support for our Armed Forces.

The individuals who have sacrificed their lives at home to form the backbone of our Army, Navy and AirForce deserve at least one day of recognition for their courageous selfless commitment. Yes, they consciously signed the line to serve Queen and country and being a veteran myself, I am fully aware that we took it upon ourselves to make that sacrifice, nobody has forced these men and women to sign their civilian lives away.

These brave soldiers have volunteered to protect our lands from evil and are ready to deploy to any part of the world in a time of conflict or emergency. In order to achieve certain mission objectives, these soldiers may not have the luxury of sleeping in their own beds with a roof over their heads, they will probably miss out on the family Sunday roast, they may not have access to a warm refreshing shower and it may be required of them to be deployed overseas for such long periods of time where they will be separated from their families and loved ones.


David in a shell scrape
David Neaves in Afghanistan


8. CP Karim
A home from home



Let’s not forget to consider the families who must continue through life while their son, daughter, husband or wife are at times deployed thousands of miles away and to be unsure of their return.

If these veterans and serving personnel can display such selfless commitment, then it is our duty to at least show them some appreciation, even for just one day. Therefore, it is on this day, in my opinion, that our political views are invalid because today is the day to show your support for the men and woman of our Armed Forces.

No matter where you are in the UK, take the time to go and give some support for our Armed Forces at an Armed Forces Day event near you. We hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable day.

On this year’s Armed Forces Day, we will be supporting our Armed Forces in Littlehampton and Portsmouth. So if you are in the local area, keep an eye out for us and feel free to join the Soldier to Civi team for a brew.


Thank you for your support.

– Jamie


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