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Firstly, we would like to thank you for investing your time into ‘Soldier to Civi’, we appreciate your support.

Our Vision 
It is our vision to provide a stable platform for all veterans to network within the United Kingdom. Our vision will prevent veterans from feeling unsupported, withdrawn and isolated from society.

It is our mission to provide a support network where veterans will assist fellow veterans.

Core Values
Soldier to Civi takes great pride in adhering to a set of core values which are promoted within our network. These are the following;

  • EmpathyWe recognise and share the feelings of other veterans.
  • IntegrityWe prioritise the veteran’s needs while maintaining the honest morals of our mission.
  • Non-JudgementalWe listen to veterans with an open mind, avoiding a negative view and opinion.
  • LoyaltyWe will be faithful and consistent with our support for veterans
  • PrideWe are proud to have served in Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and we recognise the qualities that veterans possess.
  • CourageWe recognise the courage required by veterans to seek support from others.
  • TransparencyWe understand the importance of maintaining an honest relationship with veterans to avoid a breakdown in team cohesion.


STC Jamie Profile Picture
Founder: Jamie R Kennedy

“I started ‘Soldier to Civi’ in October 2016 because I wanted to share my experience with others. I initially published a blog every Saturday sharing my personal experience of the transition from soldier to civilian”.

“Since October 2016, ‘Soldier to Civi’ has grown, adapted and developed rapidly due to the kind support from the general public and other fellow veterans”

My duty: “To network with veterans, agencies, companies and organisations in order to provide support and guidance for veterans through mass media”.

Personal email for veterans: soldiertocivi@gmail.com

For general inquiries, emailteam@soldiertocivi.uk

Steve Profile Picture
Co-Founder: Steve Jackson

“I Have served in Her Majesties British Armed Forces for eleven years, regular and reserve. I began my career with the 1st Battalion of the Princess of Wales Royal Regiment and I am now a qualified lecturer at Eastleigh College teaching Uniformed Public Services and Criminology”.

“I am extremely proud to be the co-founder of
‘Soldier to Civi’, heading up The Veterans Network”.

“My vision is for the organisation to become a national hub for veterans to support other veterans and deter those individuals having an unfavourable transition”.

“I believe the best people are those who have walked in those shoes and nobody should ever feel alone”.

“This is your network”


Email: team@soldiertocivi.uk


We would like to invite all veterans to ‘The Veteran’s Network’, where veterans support veterans.


Soldier to Civi – The Veteran’s Network


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    1. Thank you for the support! You are also bang on with the struggles of leaving the armed forces. However, these men and woman leaving the forces are not along. You can find inspiration, guidance and morale here, every week.


    1. Thank you! No, I am British but the are soldiers from many nations, from all around the globe who at some point will have to go through the transition from Soldier to Civi if they are fortunate enough to survive any deployments. Thank you for sharing your story !

      Liked by 1 person

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