The Blame

It takes a lot of courage for a veteran to reach out and speak about their personal feelings and experiences, especially with all the stigma and tagging that comes hand in hand with mental health. Continue reading “The Blame”

Let’s Talk About It

PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Earlier this week, whilst engaging with the artificial intelligent enemy within a virtual war zone on a Playstation game that goes by the title of ‘Battlefield 1’, I was briefly taken down a memory lane. It wasn’t the incredibly detailed graphics that caught my attention, although I was blown away by the visuals, It was in actual fact, the extremely accurate audio of bullets whizzing and cracking over my head during this realistic computerised battle that brought back memories. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About It”

A Soldier’s Depression

18th of February 2017

Both male and female soldiers have a renowned reputation for being some of the toughest cookies you will ever meet. The British Army is known for being a solid and professional fighting force based on the backbone of its mean and green fighting machines, the soldiers themselves. Although, this does not make them any less human. Continue reading “A Soldier’s Depression”