The Blame

It takes a lot of courage for a veteran to reach out and speak about their personal feelings and experiences, especially with all the stigma and tagging that comes hand in hand with mental health. Continue reading “The Blame”

Let’s Talk About It

PTSD – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Earlier this week, whilst engaging with the artificial intelligent enemy within a virtual war zone on a Playstation game that goes by the title of ‘Battlefield 1’, I was briefly taken down a memory lane. It wasn’t the incredibly detailed graphics that caught my attention, although I was blown away by the visuals, It was in actual fact, the extremely accurate audio of bullets whizzing and cracking over my head during this realistic computerised battle that brought back memories. Continue reading “Let’s Talk About It”

A Slice of the Cake

31.10.2011, Age twenty-one

Sitting in the Operations room listening to the radio chatter and hearing our muckers fighting with the Taliban on the ground yet again, and here we were, coming to the end of our second week without a single contact. The frustration and boredom were beginning to bed in. Continue reading “A Slice of the Cake”

The Unknown East

19.10.2011 Age twenty-one

Moments away from breaking out of cover and into the five hundred meter stretch of open ground that divided us from hell on earth. We had dominated the ground in the west but we had no idea what ‘The Unknown East’ had in store for us. Continue reading “The Unknown East”